Adrian Smith (thefon) wrote,
Adrian Smith

Rockin' Out With ...

Usually I don't subscribe to memes, but this one is fun.
Thanks to ladnews, gbsteve, davidt3001, bibliogirl.

My band is Marc Hendrey and our new album is The Black Babies.

  1. Ai Uchikawa
  2. Chinese films of the 1970s
  3. SBS Transit Service 163
  4. Viktor Pivovarov
  5. Ekhlasuddin Ahmed
  6. Cycling at the 1987 Pan American Games
  7. Iain Baird
  8. Kurt Wolff
  9. Anakinra
  10. C-Jun N-terminal kinases
  11. Fluminense Swallowtail
  12. Shalimar Gardens
  13. Baptist beliefs
  14. Johan Liiva
  15. Melanocortin 4 receptor

This was autogenerated from random Wikipedia article names. Get your own Wikipedia Album.

Tags: meme
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