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New York!

Drove up north from Las Cruces to Taos. It's an interesting place, full of local art, and proud of being green. I saw the "earthships" (environment-friendly houses, dug into the ground, self-sufficient), and listened to K-TAOS 101.9fm radio, which is 100% solar-powered, and community-run.

Next day, I visited the local pueblo, an old (16th century?) collection of adobe buildings, some four stories high. It is probably the oldest pueblo still in current use.

Then drove up to Boulder, Colorado, to visit 

vicarage  . We saw the local cowboy art gallery (and greeting card factory), then drove through the Rocky Mountains for some hiking in snow. Wonderful scenery.

A red-eye flight later, and I'm in New York, sick as a dog (once again -- what is it about USA?). Pancakes at the diner, now for the Guggenheim ...


Back in London next week!   Hope to catch up with those of you there.

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