Adrian Smith (thefon) wrote,
Adrian Smith


After my frenzy of activity (caving, rafting, sledging, etc) in the north island of NZ,
I'm now chilling out on the beach in Rarotonga (Cook Islands), the very ideal of a south pacific tropical island paradise.
There are hundreds of colorfull tropical reef fish just metres from the shore!

The only problem is I've soaked up maybe a little _too_ much sunshine (ouch!).
Only in odd places I didn't cover, such as above my right elbow, between ankle and calves, and a strip across my belly sort of between belly button and ribs.  Oh well, time for some catching up on reading, lying on a beach hammock in the shade.  Be jealous now!  :)

I'm planning to (finally) do a PADI dive course, before I fly to SF on the 28th.

Tags: trip2007
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