September 16th, 2007


Cory Doctorow at the Beijing Bookworm, Wed Sept 12th.

Still suffering the ear infection, nonetheless I managed to get out of the house, and make it to the Beijing Bookworm in the Sanlitun bar area to see Cory Doctorow. The library/restaurant area was packed for his talk, which was the expected interesting mix of sf, travel stories, and copyright discussion. The highlights were some good questions from the audience, such as "Is _any_ amount of digital right control a good thing?" (paraphrased). Sadly, the venue didn't lend itself to extended informal discussions once the talk ended ..  people just drifted away. Or maybe I was just a bit too out of it to feel social. So, an interesting evening, but an opportunity wasted to meet some like-minded friends in Beijing.


video of the talk (link to a page with the YouTube video .. should I insert it directly?)

One Night in Beijing

I went out last night to catch up with my cousin Simon, also studying in Beijing. We had dinner at a nice southern Chinese place in Guomao tower, which was also very reasonably priced (maybe £12/$30 total for a 3-person feast). Guomao is the heart of the CBD, and has all the international fashion stores (Gucci, Armani, Aquascutum, Burburry, etc etc). The feast was beef black bean, tempura fish & seafood, roast chicken, variety of green vegetables, combination noodles with pork, not so different from a chinese meal in London or Perth, though a bit less sweet or salty.

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