February 28th, 2007



I figured (correctly) that my big family lunch on Sunday would go all day, so I changed my flight to the red-eye, and arrived in Melbourne at 6am Monday morning. Dropped my big backpack at Rob's office (to drive home later to southeast Melbourne), then wandered about the city. Much as I remember from years ago, Melbourne is a friendly place, with much of interest, and trams!

Caught up with Anthony & Lyndall (and Imogen and Finn) later in the day, in south Melbourne, and talked travel, Atlantis, programming, etc.

Caught up on some sleep Tuesday, then wandered along the southbank of the Yarra, back along Flinders St and the (new to me) Federation Square. Rob ended up working late,  a fairly usual occurrence while delivering a big Telstra project, but I caught up with tikiwanderer for drinks at the riverside pub beneath Fed Square, next to Princes' Bridge. Tim joined us, and we found a fantastic greek place for dinner. Caught up with Rob finally sometime after midnight for a bit of a chat.

Today (Wednesday), I caught the tram out to north Melbourne, to spend the day with Kirsten&Shane (and Holly), my ex-housemates. They've settled into their nice big house, and enjoyed the chance to spread out (a joy after living in London!). We've wandered around the cool local markets, and had a picnic out in the back yard. Tonight, perhaps a bit of touristing, then tomorrow morning I'm off to NZ ...
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