February 6th, 2007


China! With Photos!

Spent a bit longer in Beijing than originally planned, and got a real feel for the place.
I think I could comfortably live there, and will consider going there for a while to study or work (or both!).

Flew to Jakarta (via Shanghai and Singapore), missing the frantic "don't come here, it's flooded" texts from my hosts. But fortunately (as the Jakarta locals on my flight told me), I was on the first flight into Jakarta where I stood a chance of actually getting out of the airport. Matt and Ellis were there to pick me up, and despite a long drive home (through puddles and traffic) the flooding hasn't affected me so much. Bit of wandering about the shops, but mostly just catching up with old friends and going for coffee.

Now let's try some photos  (see  my flickr page  for more)!

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